What instruments do you accompany?  
Great question.  We are very particular about the instruments we like to play with.  If it can be bowed, blowed, strummed, plucked, picked, struck or sung then we are more than happy to make music with you!

What styles do you play?
Oh, we can play anything.  Classical, jazz, pop, show tunes, nursery rhymes etc.  But, we love classical music because we think it’s the best! So, we tend to stick with that.  Mind you, something with a bit of groove is fun too!  

Where will you travel?
We live on the south side of Brisbane and so anywhere within a 20km radius of our residence is fine. Preferably no further north than AMEB's headquarters at Ashgrove.

What levels can you accompany?
Beginner to diploma and beyond is fine. Higher levels are quoted on when you give us a repertoire list to consider.

What can I do to prepare for my rehearsal
The most common problems students experience are:
  • Not giving a proper lead-in gesture.
  • Not knowing their entries.
  • Not counting long notes, rests and empty bars.
  • Playing incorrect rhythm.
Notice that most of these are timing problems which could be helped by practising with a metronome (perhaps slowly) and counting carefully. Also, listening to recordings, watching videos and even playing along with these performances now and then would help prepare the student. And of course, practice as your teacher has asked!

More questions?
Please visit the Contact Us page if you have any other queries.