Welcome to the Brisbane Piano Accompanist website.  We pride ourselves on delivering a professional accompanying service of the highest standard for exams, eisteddfods, competitions, concerts and auditions to music students, teachers, choirs and schools throughout Brisbane.

I need an accompanist!  
You’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on instrumental or vocal lessons and you've been practising hard for quite some time.  Your music exam, competition, concert or audition is only a few weeks away and you need a piano accompanist that will help you feel confident and secure on the big day.

Don’t choose 'anyone'!
Now is not the time to save a few dollars and hire an inexperienced or even (gasp!) student piano player.  It’s not worth the risk when you’ve worked so hard for your important performance. You're already nervous and you just need to focus on the task at hand - playing your best.

On performance day you need an accompanist who:

  • Is prompt and reliable.
  • Is calm and quick thinking.
  • You can trust won’t make any catastrophic mistakes.
  • Listens to your playing and can adjust to you even when things go wrong.
  • Has prepared properly.  i.e. has practised sufficiently, has been attentive to the detail on the score and has given thoughtful consideration of the musical style required for each piece.
  • Has the technical ability to play anything you put in front of them.
  • Will help you bring the music to life on your big day.

Who has these skills?
These demanding skills don’t come quickly or easily.  They take time and training.  Ideally, you need someone who is all of the below:

  • A professional pianist (a conservatorium or university music graduate).
  • An experienced accompanist.
  • A piano teacher that works day-to-day to help improve students just like you.

See the About Us page to find out why you should choose us.

Looking for a piano teacher?
Please visit our sister site at Treviano Studio